Green Level

Just as this symbol labels the beginner trails of the mountain, our Green Level of tanning beds represent our entry level option. But don’t let the words “entry level” fool you – these beds are commonly marketed as the mid-level option in your average tanning salon, and are actually rated a level 3 bed by industry standards. Click on a bed to read its description.

Blue Level

Similar to on the mountain, Blue Level beds have more advanced features than do green.  In addition to shorter exposure time, this level incorporates several new amenities such as air conditioning, shoulder tanners, and an interactive voice guide.

Black Level

Black level is the ultimate tanning experience.  Even more features can be found in these beds such as cooling aqua mist, aromatherapy, contoured acrylic, and high pressure bulbs. These beds feature the newest innovations in tanning technology and deliver quicker and longer lasting results.