How To Fight The Winter Blues



Many people struggle with the shorter days and colder weather that come with the winter season. Let’s be honest waking up to a gray sky and a low temperature does not make many people want to jump out of bed and start their day. So as we advance more into Colorado winter we wanted to provide a few tips to help fight the winter blues.



  1. Make a book and movie list - Winter often means being stuck inside more often than one would like, so it is a great time to make a list of all those books and movies you kept talking about watching. Having hobbies or activities to do inside will help it seem less depressing when you are on your couch all day. If you really want to make yourself feel better, make sure your list of books and movies are light hearted and comical. A funny movie can definitely help prevent feeling blue for a few hours! Need some movie suggestions? Check out what is new on Netflix this month. Need book recommendations? Check out People Magazine’s inspirational books to read this winter article.  

  2. Get more Vitamin D - We have said it before but we will say it again - nearly 20% of the United States population suffers from a form of seasonal depression according to the National Center for Biotechnology, often caused by the lack of Vitamin D during the winter. The special lamps used with tanning beds provide light of similar wavelengths to sunlight and studies have confirmed that these can also increase the amount of Vitamin D produced in the skin. Next time you are feeling blue come on in and see us for a quick Vitamin D boost! 

  3. Exercise - Studies have shown that exercising under bright lights may be good for seasonal depression, so make time to go to that gym you have been paying for and try out a new workout class. Working out with a group of people with similar goals as you, under bright lights of course, can help boost your mood - plus, it gets you out of the house. If you are too cold or lazy to head to the gym then turn on every light in your living room and try a fun indoor workout. Try out this 20-minute home cardio workout

  4. Plan a vacation - If you find yourself longing for warmer days and summer try planning a vacation. Research has shown that planning a vacation can help increase happiness. So pull up airbnb or expedia and get to planning! Need inspiration? Check out pinterest for some new vacation ideas. 

  5. Blast your favorite music - Everyone knows that upbeat music can totally change a person’s mood so blast your favorite upbeat music and dance around your bedroom. No one will judge you if a little Britney Spears or throwback N’Sync will help improve your mood this winter. 



And, always remember that winter won’t last forever!