Why Preparing Your Skin for the Summer Sun is Important

We've all heard time and time again that we need to put on sunscreen any time we are exposing ourselves to UV rays. But with the recent studies on how harmful the chemicals in sunscreen are for our bodies and for the environment (source), we need to take a different approach to spending time outdoors. 

Human beings were meant to be outdoors, so our bodies are fully prepared to be in the sun and exposed to UV rays.  In fact, it is unhealthy to block out any and all UV rays because moderate exposure to these rays increases the following:

  1. Increases alertness, making it easier to focus throughout the day and fall asleep at night.
  2. Boosts Vitamin D, which has been proven to help prevent certain types of cancer.
  3. Increases mood & helps with depression. 

So how can we make sure that we are staying protected while still reaping the healthy benefits? By preparing our skin. Sunburns are the most dangerous because that means our skin has been over-exposed to the sun's rays, and it increases our risk of skin cancer.  Simply going to a tanning salon once a week can help to prevent a bad sunburn while outdoors without applying layers of chemical-induced sunscreen. 

How are you planning on spending your time outdoors this summer? Stop in to an Aspen Tan salon to let us know!