Our List of Must-Haves for the Perfect Coachella!

A stylish and practical outfit will keep you looking and feeling amazing all weekend. We’ve put together our must-have items for Coachella to help you look fabulous, while staying healthy, happy, and comfortable!

Outfit Must-Haves

a sun hat: you will be in the sun for most of the day, so wearing a hat is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself cool while adding a bit of flair. We are loving the Wesley Felt Fedora and the Piper Hat, both by Brixton.

stylish sunglasses: sunglasses will obviously help you see your favorite band playing in the glaring sun, so these are a must. Have some fun and try out a shade you don’t usually wear, or a shape you’ve never tried before. We suggest blue aviators or cat eye style with aqua blue lenses!

bodysuit:  We all know bodysuits are annoying every time you use the bathroom, but also know that they are worth that little inconvenience. They are flattering on any and all body types, and are versatile enough to go with any other clothes to complete the look you are going for. Bodysuits tend to be thinner material with no sleeves, so on top of their stylish versatility they will keep you cooler throughout the day. We love the simplicity and color choices of Free People’s Move Along Bodysuit.

shorts by oneteaspoon: there is a reason why distressed denim shorts are a dime a dozen at coachella. If you happen to get a grass stain or drop your ice cream on them, it will only add to the overall distressed look of the denim. On top of that, they are extremely versatile, and can essentially be a part of your outfit for all 3 days! One Teaspoon’s Denim Bandit shorts are our absolute favorite!

comfortable footwear: Yes, coachella is a fashion event as much as it is a music festival, but believe me, now is not the time to try out those brand new Dr. Martens. You will be miserable after 8 hours of dancing with sweaty socks. Instead, opt for a pair of boots you’ve already worn a million times, broken in sandals, or just go barefoot all together!

a backpack: Backpacks, not purses or shoulder bags, are essential. You are going to need something that you can dance with AND that will hold your phone, phone charger, jacket, money, water bottle, snacks, makeup, hair ties, blanket, towelettes, hand sanitizer… A backpack is the only item that can hold everything while letting you dance with your hands in the air. We have UNIF’s faux black leather back pack and it is so comfortable and stylish!

a towel or blanket:  while you definitely can do without a towel or blanket, having one makes sitting in the grass from sunset until 11 pm much less itchy. The Beach People and Sand Cloud have perfect festival towels with beautiful boho designs.

Health & beauty essentials

water bottle: The dry climate and the desert sun can be brutal, so it is key to stay hydrated throughout the entire day and night, and drink even when you don’t think you need to. Grab an insulated water container like a Hydro Flask or S’Well, fill it with ice, and throw it in your backpack. It will still be cold and refreshing hours later!

peppermint towelettes by herban essentials:  Face it, you’re going to be very, very sweaty. You’ll be dancing for hours in 90+ degree heat. These peppermint towelettes will make you feel refreshed, and the minty oil will help cool your body down in the hot sun.

lavender hand sanitizer by eo: this is the best hand sanitizer, hands down. The lavender smells divine, and it can help you feel relaxed in the whirlwind of the festival. Plus, you’ve gotta have backup sanitizer when you know you are going to be using porta potties throughout the entire weekend.

last but not least...a TAN! There is nothing worse than having a sunburn at a music festival, and nothing better than having a healthy, bronzed glow! A base tan is very important to have when you’re exposing your skin to 8+ hours of UVA/UVB rays with minimal clothing coverage. In fact, getting a sunburn greatly increases your risk of melanoma and skin cancer, not responsible exposure to UVA/UVB rays. Getting a base at Aspen Tan will help protect you from sunburn, while also giving you a healthy, bronzed look.

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