Look and feel your best this holiday season!

The holidays are right around the corner! Between Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years Eve, everyone is trying to come up with quick and easy ways to look and feel their best this holiday season, so we wanted to share some tips. Let’s end 2016 on a high note!

Take Time To Clear Your Mind: The truth is the holiday season can be stressful for many, and schedules have a tendency to become hectic. Before you know it those dinners and parties you are attending start to feel more like a chore than a fun gathering with friends and family. A great way to prevent stress from putting a damper on what should be an enjoyable time of year is to schedule time for yourself each morning. I know what you’re thinking - ugh, why in the morning? - well it’s the best time because nothing else will get in the way. Think about it, if you schedule your “you time” for midday something else is bound to come up. We recommend using your “you time” for a quick 20 minute yoga session. Yoga will allow you to clear your mind and refocus on what’s most important this holiday season - friends and family. Plus, it will give you a great workout and help you feel less guilty about indulging in holiday treats. Not sure where to start? Check out do yoga with me for a ton of free yoga videos.

Water Is Your New Best Friend: The holiday season usually means a lot of food. Let’s be honest, no one can resist homemade Christmas cookies or perfectly cooked latkes - we can’t! That being said, it is important that you are drinking your recommended daily water intake to help combat any bloating. Not sure how much water you should be drinking each day? Check out this water intake calculator. Remember, if you are working out you may need to up this amount. If water is not your beverage of choice, you can spruce it up with some fruit. Adding lemon to your water will add additional flavor PLUS it helps with digestion and flushes the body which can lead to healthier skin.

Bronze Yourself: Now that you have a clear mind, gotten in some exercise, and are working to combat bloating and stay hydrated it’s time to talk about enhancing your color so you can rock your sparkly New Years Eve dress with confidence! Come visit us at Aspen Tan to get your tan on. Not only will you look great in your dress, you will also get a nice dose of Vitamin D to boost your immune system - because nobody wants to get the flu during the holidays. If you are looking for a tanning bed alternative, we proudly use VersaSpa® for all sunless tanning. You can give your skin a natural, vibrant, long-lasting glow in just minutes and can bronze, hydrate and smooth fine lines in one session.

These quick and easy tips are a great way to help feel and look your best this season, and all year round if we are being really honest. We hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great New Year’s Eve!