Benefits of Incorporating Tanning Into Your Finals Schedule

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means so are dreaded finals. We are sure you have prepared to be face down in the books for a while - stocked up on coffee and snacks, comfy clothes, and some good tunes - but a little break never hurt anyone. So, why not take a quick break from studying and stop in to Aspen Tan? There are some great benefits to taking a break with us and getting your nose out of your textbooks!

Take A Mental Break + Warm Up

While it may seem like a great idea to study for hours on end, eventually your brain is going to need a break. And, we are sure that coffee you stocked up on for studying is helping to keep you awake, but is it really keeping you warm? Obviously not! That’s why you also lug your scarf and extra sweater to the library with you. Why not use your study break to not only give your brain a break, but also warm up with us here at Aspen Tan? Check out our Green, Blue, or Black level tanning beds to enjoy a warmth that doesn’t require extra clothing!

Boost Your Immune System + Calm Your Nerves

Winter means flu season and we all know that the flu and finals definitely do not mix. So, why not take a study break and boost your immune system? Many scientists believe that the flu may be caused in part by the reduced production of Vitamin D during winter months and tanning is a good option for getting the daily amount of sunlight required. The special lamps used with tanning beds provide light of similar wavelengths to sunlight and studies have confirmed that these can also increase the amount of Vitamin D produced in the skin. Plus, a quick 15 minute Vitamin D boost will not only give you some well-deserved, quiet, no books involved, “me” time, but Vitamin D is proven to help calm nerves too. Now you can stop forcing yourself to drink that herbal, calming tea your grandma recommended!

Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

In addition to the flu, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) season is here as well! Many are not aware of the effects of Seasonal Depression, caused by the lack of Vitamin D during the winter months. In fact, nearly 20% of the United States population suffers from a form of seasonal depression according to the National Center for Biotechnology. Tanning is a great alternative way for those who suffer from Seasonal Depression or SAD to get their Vitamin D! And, we are sure that hunkering down in the library or your dorm room studying is not providing you with the Vitamin D you need to feel good, so come visit us.


We can’t wait to see you on your study break!